Cold Brew

cold, refreshing, concentrated CAFFEINATED goodness.
Cold Brew is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

brewing time
12 hours

Bamboo paddle
filtron Set
Digital Scale
stainless steel bowl

Step 1

measure out 2,000 grams of water.
weigh 454 grams of coffee, ground finely. place in a stainless steel bowl.

Step 2

Place the filtron’s rubber cab in the hole at the bottom of the device.
wet the wool filter and insert it in the bottom of the filtron.
Unfold and insert a filter into the filtron.
Add coffee grounds to the filtron. Shake to level.

Step 3

Step 4

Pour water over the grounds in a circular pattern.
Using your bamboo paddle, submerge the coffee grounds.
Place the plastic filter disc on top of the paper filter.
Cover the Filtron with the plastic top.
Let steep for 12 hours.

after the cold brew has steeped, hold the filtron above a pitcher and remove the stopper to dispense.
Serve over ice, add creamer if you like.