Latte Art

NOTHING MAKES A CUP OF COFFEE MORE INSTAGRAM WORTHY THAN LATTE ART. Whether you make a heart, tulip, rosetta, beet, or some other variation, latte art will take your coffee to the next level.

paper or ceramic coffee cup
whole milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc.
Espresso machine and steam wand
12 oz stainless steel pitcher

Step 1

fill your stainless steel pitcher with 10 oz of your choice of milk.
angle the pitcher so that the steam wand is pointing towards the bottom corner of the pitcher.
Insert the wand about one inch below the surface and turn on the steam wand.
Submerge the wand towards the middle of the pitcher, avoiding the sides of the pitcher. This will create a whirlpool necessary to create the foam you are looking for.

Step 2

once the milk has reached a temperature of 140°F, remove the steam wand.
Purge and clean the steam wand.
Tap the pitcher on a flat surface and swirl the milk to equalize the texture and prepare for pouring.

Step 3

start pouring the milk into your coffee cup, filled with espresso.
Pour slowly with a narrow stream.
Once you have filled half the cup, move the pitcher’s spout very closely to the surface of the coffee.
at this point, you can experiment and practice pouring the remaining milk into different patterns.
Patience and practice are key. Have fun!