Round 2 at the Lazy AutoKennel Gathering!

They invited us back after our first Lazy AutoKennel Gathering! First of all, it was truly an honor to be invited back, but also, it seems word spread and people were asking AutoKennel if the "good coffee" was going to be served again. Incredible!

Again we offered complimentary coffee to attendees and sold bags with a special event discount. We had all three coffees being freshly ground before brewing with filtered water. Mulholland Blend was being brewed via a standard brewer, while 436 Speciale Espresso and Launch Edition were being brewed via Chemex. Stay tuned, we might have something special to taste for the next one!

Big thank you to AutoKennel and all the attendees for letting us pop-up shop. Super special thank you to those who picked up a bag to support us!

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Thank you to Stephen Villagrasa for grabbing a few candid snapshots!

Photos by us: