Happy National Coffee Day! Two New Coffees!

What better way to celebrate National Coffee Day
than by introducing two new coffees?!


436 Speciale Espresso is the flagship of the Corsa Lusso coffee collection. Similar to the track focused variant of your favorite sports car, only true enthusiasts notice the subtle differences of this unique espresso. Roasted at 436° F, the complex, intense, and rich balance of milk chocolate, maple syrup, and citrus flavors provide the perfect Italian racing inspired rush needed to take the top time of day. Carpe Diem!

Priced at $16 for a 12 oz bag of whole beans.

Find more information about 436 Speciale Espresso here: https://www.corsalusso.com/436-speciale-espresso



Mulholland Highway is an essential aspect of California car culture and a core experience we treasure at Corsa Lusso. Growing up driving the canyons, mountains, and coasts of California influenced us to create a coffee that captures the nature and sunshine around every apex. Before motoring those back roads, embrace the dynamic flavors of rich caramel and fruity undertones of the Mulholland Blend, while holding court at your local cars and coffee.

Priced at $17 for a 12 oz bag of whole beans.

Find more information about Mulholland Blend here: https://www.corsalusso.com/mulholland-blend